Need for Speed Underground 2 Hints & Cheats

Cheat Codes

  1. Misc. Cheats

    Enter the following codes without spaces at the Press Enter screen before loading a profile:
    gottaedgeUnlocks Edge Sponsor Vinyl *works in career*
    ordermebabyGives $1,000 to start Career mode, and Unlocks Nissan Skyline and Mazda RX-8 in Quick Race
    goforoldspiceUnlocks Old Spice Sponsor Vinyl *works in career*
    needmybestbuyUnlocks Best Buy Sponsor Vinyl *works in career*
    gotmycingularUnlocks Cingular Sponsor Vinyl * works in career*
    gottahavebkUnlocks Burger King Sponsor Vinyl *works in career*
    needperformance2Unlcoks Performance Upgrades Tier 2
    gimmevisual2Unlcoks Visual Upgrades Tier 2
    gimmevisual1Unlocks Visual Upgrades Tier 1
    needperformance1Unlocks Performance Upgrades Tier 1
    gottaedgeEdge vinyl in Career mode
    tunejapantuningJapantuning sponsor car
    gimmechingyChingy Navigator sponsor car
    davidchoeartDavid Choe sponsor car
    opendoorsThe Doors sponsor car
    shinestreetbrightShinestStreet sponsor car
    wantmyd3D3 sponsor car
    yodoggSnoop Dogg sponsor car
    wannacaponeCapone sponsor car
    regmybankExtra 200 in the bank in Career Mode


  1. Magazine Covers

    UNLOCKABLEHow to Unlock
    get 4 wins in stage 2Turbo
    get 8 wins in stage 2Sports Compact Car
    get 2 wins in stage 3Street Car Magazine
    Get 6 wins in stage 3Car Audio and Electronics
    get 11 wins in stage 3GTI Magazine
    Get 18 wins in stage 3Hot 4's
    Get 3 wins in stage 4Elaborare
    get 7 wins in stage 4Maxi Tuning
    Get 11 wins in stage 4Spoiler
    get 16 wins in stage 4AutoMaxx Magazine
    Get 20 wins in stage 4Stuff Magazine
    Get 27 wins in stage 4Chrome und Flamen
    Get 4 wins in stage 5Import Tuner
    Get 9 wins in stage 5Street Car Magazine
    get 16 wins in stage 5GTI Magazine
    get 20 wins in stage 5Auto Motor
    Get 25 wins in stage 5Swiss Tuner Magazine
    Get 28 wins in stage 5Super Street
    Get 32 wins in stage 5Power Magazine
    Get 34 wins in stage 5Street Tuner 
  2. How to Unlock Uniques with Outrun races

    UNLOCKABLEHow to Unlock
    11 wins in stage 5Widebody kit
    6 wins in stage 5Performance choice
    9 wins in stage 4Performance choice
    6 wins in stage 4Vinyl
    4 wins in stage 4Spoiler
    6 wins in stage 3Rims
    3 wins in stage 3Performance choice
    4 wins in stage 2Hoods 
  3. Unlockable Cars

    The way that you complete the URL's will change the order in which car will be unlocked
    UNLOCKABLEHow to Unlock
    Complete URL #2Hummer H2, Hyundai Tiberon
    Complete URL #1Cadillac Escalade, Lincoln Navigator
    Complete URL #3Nissan Sentra SE-R Spec V, Toyota Celica
    Complete URL #4Lexus IS300, Toyota Supra
    Complete URL #5Volkswagon Golf GTI
    Complete URL #6Acura RSX, Audi A3
    Complete URL #7Audi TT, Mitsubishi Eclipse GSX
    Complete URL #8Mazda RX-8
    Complete URL #9Inifiniti G35 Coupe
    Complete URL #10Mitsubishi 3000GT
    Complete URL #11Pontiac GTO
    Complete URL #12Mazda RX-7
    Complete URL #13Ford Mustang GT, Nissan 350Z
    Complete URL #14Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution VIII
    Complete URL #15Nissan Skyline GT-R R34
    Complete URL #16Subaru Impreza WRX STi

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